15 | 07 | 2024

Past projects

The EU Service Centre has taken part in different roles in a number of projects. The areas of work ranged from coordination to evaluation of transnational cooperations.

A selection of our successful past projects:

  • EUROCAR (LEONARDO DA VINCI programme, mobility)
  • Teach&ESPRIT (SOKRATES - COMENIUS 2.1 programme)
  • MIK - Modular Concepts of integration (EQUAL programme)
  • ZuBiLis, subproject IMBIS (EQUAL programme)
  • T.I.P - BiBeR (LEARNING REGIONS programme)
  • Far Forest (LEONARDO DA VINCI programme)
  • WIT - DIMIGRA, Maßarbeit im Münsterland (EQUAL programme)
  • MABis.NeT (EQUAL programme)
  • E-Wood (LEONARDO DA VINCI programme)
  • ELFE (LEONARDO DA VINCI programme, mobility)

Please find more extensive information via the name links.