28 | 01 | 2022


MIK stands for "Modular Integration concepts" or "Modulare Intetrationskonzepte" (project end 2007).. The EU Service Centre Business and Vocational Training of the Disrtict Administraion Münster was involves in four subprojects:

„IN BEWEGUNG" placed young peoplle with increased demand for help in apprenticeships or work
"MODUS" qualified teenagers or retrained personnel threatened by job loss.
"MOKO" helped disadvataged teenagers without apprenticeships.
"MOTRAIN" provided a "trainingroom concept" which complements classroom activities according to need and almost at the same time deals with disturbances in class in a deescalating and behaviour affecting manner.

In these for MIK subprojects the EU Service Centre cooperated with different vocational colleges in the Münsterland area.