15 | 07 | 2024


Experts on EU funding, education and training work in the team of the EU Service Centre. The project managers, pedagogues and teachers see themselves as promoters of European ideas and ideals such as diversity, tolerance and freedom.They contribute to the realisation of the European Union: "If it's stirring the entrepreneurial spirit in young people or creating educational material so that it can be used in training all over Europe - we take part in framing European professional life with our innovative ideas and extensive organisation and attendance of projects."

We enjoy working for Europe-wide educational chances ...

  • because Europe provides a chance to see other contries and thereby find out about your own country;
  • because Europe is a better home than any single nation state could ever be;
  • because over 60 years of peace in Europe will last if we continue to motivate people to let go of limited horizons and because politics for the individual are best realised in the microcosm on site;
  • because young people see other cultures and thus become more tolerant and independent;
  • because a European health insurance, less borders while trying to find work and the freedom to travel - to name only three issues - make Europe worth living in.

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