15 | 07 | 2024


Netzwerkbildung bei ChocaThe EU Service Centre for Business and Vocational Training is located in Münster. It is a part of the District Administration in Münster (Department 45) and has great experience in the development and implementation of curricula of teacher training and further education in vocational education.

Collboration in networks

The EU team operates the Service Centre as a service oriented agency. It cooperates with the 38 vocational colleges in the region as well as businesses, chambers, universities, institutions of teacher training etc. The Service Centre collborate with the Department for teacher training and further education (Department 46) in the course of EU funded projects and other school related departments of the Münster District Administration.

The EU Service Centre is part of a regional and national network which contains the Ministry for School, Youth and Children and the Ministry for Economy and Labour of North-Rhine Westphalia, the EU Service Centres of the other District Administrations, universities, the local Chambers of Trade and Commerce and the Chamber of Trade Münster.